Theft and Mischief Charges Dropped, Conditional Discharge for Assault

Posted in Assault, Criminal Cases (Non-Driving), Theft

My client had been charged with Assault with a Weapon, Theft and Mischief stemming from an incident that occurred at a convenience store late at night.  My client had already received two conditional discharges on separate occasions for similar types of offences.  My client told me he was innocent of the theft and admitted to the Assault although he told me that it was not as bad as the victim alleged. There were two innocent bystanders who witnessed the incident so my client stood little chance of being acquitted at trial.  After negotiations with the Crown, the Crown agreed to pull the theft and mischief charges and my client entered a guilty plea to the assault with a weapon after the Crown amended the facts that my client would admit to.  After submissions to the judge, my client received a conditional discharge.