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Charge Withdrawn – Domestic Assault

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Client alleged to have elbowed his girlfriend in the face and grabbed her neck – Crown agrees to withdraw charge without a Peace Bond after affidavit from complainant provided – No Criminal Record.

Theft Charge Withdrawn

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Client contacted by police and advised of warrant for her arrest for an alleged theft that was caught on camera – Arranged for Client to surrender herself to police – At bail hearing Crown agrees to withdraw charge and client released unconditionally – No Criminal Record.

Charges Withdrawn for Possession of Property Obtained by Crime and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking

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Drugs and stolen property found in client’s apartment after police search apartment when responding to an unrelated call – Crown agreed that search of apartment was illegal and a breach of Client’s right under section 8 of the Charter to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. Crown agreed that there was a good chance evidence of drugs and stolen property would be excluded at trial – All Charges withdrawn by Crown after client completes some community service – No Criminal Record.

No Criminal Record for Price Tag Switching and Theft

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My client entered a guilty plea to a Theft charge after she was apprehended in a department store by a security guard who had been following her around the store for some time and who noticed her switching price tags on several items.  A search of B.P.’s purse revealed a price gun and a large number of price tags.  An employee at the store who saw my client get arrested also claimed that she had switched the tag on a high priced item sometime the year before but that she had left the store before the theft had been discovered.  My client had originally been charged with that historical theft as well but I successfully convinced the Crown that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction on that charge since the store employee had no idea when in the last year the theft had occurred.  At the sentencing hearing, I successfully convinced the judge that, in my client’s circumstances, a conditional discharge was appropriate. [NO CRIMINAL RECORD]

Drug and Resisting Arrest Charges Withdrawn

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After a long night of drinking at a bar, N.G. was staggering home when he was approached by the police who, after speaking with my client, gave him a ticket for being intoxicated in a public place.  My client was upset by this and spat in the officer’s face.  This in turn upset the officer who attempted to arrest N.G.  An altercation ensued and my client was ultimately arrested and charged with Assault Resist Arrest as well as Possession of a Controlled Substance since they found marijuana in his pocket.  My client admitted to me that he had issues with alcohol and agreed to go for treatment.  He also participated in a drug diversion program in return for having the Possession charge withdrawn.  I was then able to convince the Crown that my client was addressing his problems and that he was a good young man with a bright future.  The Crown ultimately agreed to withdraw the assault charges against my client in return for him doing some community service. [CHARGES WITHDRAWN][NO CRIMINAL RECORD]

Convenience Store Owner Assault Charges Withdrawn

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My client ran a convenience store and was concerned with a particular group of kids that he felt was stealing from him.  One day he confronted a young girl about this in the store.  A short while later, the police showed up and arrested my client for Assault.  The girl had gone home and told her mother that my client had yelled at her and tripped her as she exited the store.  After negotiations with the Crown, it was agreed that the Crown would withdraw the charge against my client in return for him entering a peace bond for one year with the condition that he not communicate or have any contact with the girl.

Acquittal of Domestic Assault Charges due to Cross-Examination

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My client was charged with a Domestic Assault in relation to an altercation that had occurred with his girlfriend at the time.  The matter went to trial and my client was ultimately acquitted.  The judge had serious concerns with the truthfulness of the girlfriend’s testimony based on my cross-examination that exposed several inconsistencies between her testimony at trial and her earlier statements to the police.  The judge could also not understand how my client had no injuries to his hand despite allegedly punching a glass window causing it to shatter.

Entertainment District Assault Charges Withdrawn

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My client was charged with several counts of Assault and Assault Bodily Harm stemming from a brawl that occurred at a club in the entertainment district.  After a meeting with the Crown prosecutor and a judge where I argued that the Crown would have a very difficult time proving the charges against my client considering the chaotic scene at the club and the alcohol involved, the Crown agreed to withdraw the charges against my client in return for him entering into a peace bond requiring him to stay out of downtown Toronto for one year.  This was not a problem for my client who did not reside in the downtown core and had no reason to go there.

Obstructing Justice Charges Withdrawn, No Jail Time for Fraud Charges

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My client, who had a criminal record, was charged with Obstructing Justice (a straight indictable offence) and Fraud for passing himself off as a lawyer and attempting to represent an individual charged with a criminal offence.  These were very serious allegations and the Crown was seeking a jail term.  On the date set for a preliminary inquiry, I had a meeting with the judge and the Crown attorney.  At the meeting, I managed to convince the Crown not to proceed on the Obstruct charge after arguing that my client’s actions did not make out the elements of that particular charge. My client then entered a guilty plea to the fraud charge.  At sentencing, the Crown still sought a jail term but I successfully convinced the judge to impose a suspended sentence with probation instead.

Charges Withdrawn for School Bus Mischief

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My client, a young offender, was charged with Mischief along with several other youths for breaking into and causing significant damage to a school bus. Negotiation with the Crown resulted in the Crown agreeing to withdraw the criminal charge in return for my client completing ten hours of community service and entering into a common law peace bond with the condition that he stay away from the location where the incident occurred for one year.

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