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Charge Withdrawn – Domestic Assault

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Client alleged to have elbowed his girlfriend in the face and grabbed her neck – Crown agrees to withdraw charge without a Peace Bond after affidavit from complainant provided – No Criminal Record.

Drug and Resisting Arrest Charges Withdrawn

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After a long night of drinking at a bar, N.G. was staggering home when he was approached by the police who, after speaking with my client, gave him a ticket for being intoxicated in a public place.  My client was upset by this and spat in the officer’s face.  This in turn upset the officer who attempted to arrest N.G.  An altercation ensued and my client was ultimately arrested and charged with Assault Resist Arrest as well as Possession of a Controlled Substance since they found marijuana in his pocket.  My client admitted to me that he had issues with alcohol and agreed to go for treatment.  He also participated in a drug diversion program in return for having the Possession charge withdrawn.  I was then able to convince the Crown that my client was addressing his problems and that he was a good young man with a bright future.  The Crown ultimately agreed to withdraw the assault charges against my client in return for him doing some community service. [CHARGES WITHDRAWN][NO CRIMINAL RECORD]

Acquittal of Domestic Assault Charges due to Cross-Examination

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My client was charged with a Domestic Assault in relation to an altercation that had occurred with his girlfriend at the time.  The matter went to trial and my client was ultimately acquitted.  The judge had serious concerns with the truthfulness of the girlfriend’s testimony based on my cross-examination that exposed several inconsistencies between her testimony at trial and her earlier statements to the police.  The judge could also not understand how my client had no injuries to his hand despite allegedly punching a glass window causing it to shatter.

No Jail Term for Domestic Assault

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My client, who had a criminal record, was charged with three Domestic Assaults stemming from incidents that occurred on three separate days.  As well my client was charged with breaching a term of his bail by contacting the complainant mere minutes after he was released on bail. The Crown was originally seeking a jail term, but ultimately my client avoided jail and was placed on probation instead with terms that he not contact or communicate with the complainant without her consent and that he go for alcohol counselling.